TKB Series Dynamic Automobile Weighing Systems




  • TKB series dynamic automobile weighting systems are new products used to test automobile overbound or overload. The approach bridges and the detecting platform are integrated designed and adopthard aluminum alloy as material. The instrument is equipped with large LCD and computer keyboard. The interface of software is friendly with full Chinese menu. This system is convenient to carry and use for its sound functions such as display, setting, modification, operation, printing, and communications with computer.




  • Integrated digital transducer is adopted in the system. The detecting platform consists of a Wheatstane bridge, which can ensure the measure accuracy.
  • The system is equipped with large LCD(320X240)with Chinese menu and computer keyboard.
  • Chinese characters input function:there is built-in GB Chinese character library in the system, data such as registration numbers and types of vehicles, and test unit and spot can be directly inputted.
  • High speed and noiseless printing: The Data printed on the list include: time, date, list number, registration numbers, type and weight of the axle, gross weight, over value and test unit. The quantity of list copies can be set as 1 - 9.
  • The software standards can be modified according to the current executive standards.
  • Functions of quick inquiry, summary and statistics.
  • RS232 interface undertakes real time computer communications.
  • Rolling store function enables the system save test records of more than 4000 vehicles.
  • Displays the vehicle speed with the unit of km/h.
  • The system adopts zero point automatic tracking technique to eliminate zero drift.
  • It is not necessary to add approach bridges in detecting multi- rotary joint vehicles.
  • The AC/DC power resource powers the system steadily and reliably with Built-in battery.


Technical Parameters:
Weighing Ranges: 10 t, 15 t
Single platform: 10t, 15t Double platforms: 20t, 30t Gross weight: 20t×number of axle, 30t×number of axle
Large LCD (320X240)lattice, with adjustable brightness.
Linearity (e)
Taring range
10t/ 10kg/d, 15t—30t/ 30kg/d

dynamic accuracy (JJG(Shandong)55-2001: grade D)


26 pins parallel printer interface; RS-232 serial interface

Transducer power supply
9V/DC 0.3A9
Working temperature

detecting platform:-20℃ ~ +60℃, instrument:-10℃ ~ +50℃

Relative humidity
Working voltage

AC:220V ±10%(50HZ), DC:12V/7Ah


Detecting platform: 780 X 480 X 28 mm(L×W×H)

Instrument: 400 ×300 × 160 mm(L×W×H)

Detecting platform: 22 kg/set, without approach bridges

Instrument:9 kg (including battery and printer)


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